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Kannustematkat Liettuassa 


Photo hunt:
Photo hunt is really fun. To succeed in this photo shooting adventure participants act out their wildest ideas. Photos taken from the adventure will make you smile even years after. Photos are the “living proof” of how crazy you really are. And you get to know the place or the city you are playing it.

Year around winter activities in Druskininkai Snow Arena:
New and unique Druskininkai Snow Arena in South-Lithuania offers winter activities all year round. The snow arena is the first of its kind in the Baltics and has something for everybody- out- and indoor slopes, snowboard park, restaurants, bars, shops and clothes/equipment rental.

Hot air ballooning:
Vilnius offers a memorable experience gliding over its charming Old Town in a hot air balloon, something most cities don’t allow. Enjoy the wonders of quietly floating a kilometre above the ground and looking down in wonder at its architectural glory and drifting out over the breathtaking countryside.

Cooking course:
Make your team-building event memorable by cooking together with your team! Share the emotions and good food with each other! You will prepare delicious snacks and delicacies under the guidance of the proffessional chef and you have the chance to discuss the issues of cooking with him as well. The cooking classes are a perfect way to share the experiences and thoughts.

päivitetty 13.01.2023