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Kannustematkat Latviassa 


Bob sledging:
Speed, high emotions and danger are the words to characterize bob sledging. The track in Latvia, Sigulda offers you high adrenaline whether you sledge in winter and summer time.

Flying at Aerodium:
Have you ever flied like a bird? Yes, it is possible in Latvia! Aerodium- this is the first vertical airtunnel in the Eastern-Europe, where the great adventure spirit, high technology and 0-gravitation will meet! Let your mind free and body fly!

Surprise your clients or colleagues with a demo-day at the golf course! It doesn´t matter if they can or can not play golf- all will get the first knowlidge. Beside the golf-game you can launch your product there, organize a fashion show, degustations - you name it!

Off-road safari:
Welcome to the world of adventure and challange! Make it an entertainment for your clients, employers, partners or yourself! During the off-road rides you have the possibilty to try yourself in different competitions and search the right road according to the legend.

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