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Mansion reception with the cello quartet
If you really need to make an impression on somebody, then this is the way to do it! The unique environment, soul-touching music combined with delicious food and wine will make this a perfect event. Whether you want to rock out or listen to the ageless classics performed by 4 cellos. Estonia has lots of beautifully restored manor houses and castles, even in Tallinn, where you can have your incentive or motivation party with your favourite style of music, food and wine.  Listen to the stories of the mansion´ s and enjoy the music, drink wine and have a splendid time!


Estonian Evening
Who are the Estonian? What they do and what they eat? You will get the answers when participating Estonian folklore evening at Kolu Tavern in the Rocca-al-Mare Open Air Museum. The Open Air Museum presents a unique collection of old Estonian buildings on a 79-hectare expanse of seaside land. Farm buildings from various times and places are on display, along with windmills, water mills and much more. This ’Estonian Evening’ entertainment program contains a quality program of merrymaking, amusing folk dancers, thrilling games and Estonian national festive foods and drinks - and ofcourse dancing for everybody.

  Food sightseeing
A nice way to experience the local spirit and flavours is to explore the country by tailormade Food tour- visit the places locals love, taste the traditional and modern cuisine pearls. What is the Estonian cuisine- Nordic with a twist, or a touch from Russia and a bit of German? Take a glimpse into its surprisingly vivid culinary scene during our Tallinn Food Tour. You’ll have 7 food & wine-stops combined with strolls on historical cobblestone streets of Tallinn Old Town.


Last update on 06. August 2020