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Our experiences 



2022 eu-LISA Anniversary Conference 2022 (hybrid) 388

eu-LISA Industry Roundtable 2022 (hybrid) 400

TTK UAS The Development Conference (hybrid) 359
2021 eu-LISA Industry Roundtable 2021 (online) 349

eu-LISA Annual Conference 2021 (online) 320
2020 eu-LISA Industry Roundtable 2020 (online) 320
2019 eu-LISA Annual Conference 2019 200

eu-LISA eu-LISA Industry Roundtable 2019 105
2018 ConnectGov Leaders summit 130
2017 Ingress XM Anomaly Event in Tallinn 800

Chafea Meeting (Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency of the European Commission) in Vilnius and Tallinn 50/60

European Commission Single Market Forum in Tallinn, DMC services
2015 Norwegian Corporate client, 20th Annual Meeting & product launch in Tallinn
2013 12th ERRA International Conference in Tallinn 200
2012 People to People International, The 20th Worldwide Conference in Tallinn 157
  Estonian National Institute for Health Development, Health Promotion Conference in Tallinn
2011 13th European Symposium on Organic Reactivity (ESOR) in Tartu 139
2009 EASTS Conference, A&B in Arthroscopy and Sports Traumatology in Rakvere 130
2005 NATO- conference “ATA 51 General Assembly of the Atlantic Trety Association”  

European Telecommunication Meeting “European Friends of 3gpp”  
2004 The XXIII Nordic Hydrological Conference in Tallinn  170
2003 Annual Conference of medical company Eli Lilly in Tallinn 200
2002 AS Elion Annual Meeting  
  Estonia´s NATO-Membership and the Challenges of Vulnerabilities in Modern Societies – Securing information technology  
2001 Annual conference of law company VINGE KB /Scandinavian Law alliance  
2000 European Parliament, Conference "The Future Leaders II“   
  Nordic Council, Baltic Assembly and UNICEF "Child Forum II“  
  Norwegian Social-democratic Labour Party "Baltic-Norwegian seminar“  
  The Central and East European Forum of the European Young Social Democrats Organisation



Last update on 05. January 2023